When I think about the Ten Commandments, what instantly comes to mind are stone tablets, Charlton Heston, and the deep, authoritative, and all-powerful, voice of God.

So when I say the ten commandments are actually a “love letter written in stone” it makes one pause. A “love letter”? A love letter written in stone? Who’s ever written a love letter in stone?!  Well, God did. 

In fact, it was the only time in history where the same hands that formed
the mountains and put the stars into place, physically wrote something
to us and for us.

Over the centuries, it is us, who has reinterpreted His “thou shall nots” into rules and laws. Rather, they are a guide for how we are to live. First, how we are to live with God and then, how we are to live with one another. 

When I was a kid, my parents were strict. They were always instructing
and teaching me how to behave and interact with others, whether that was at home, school, church, or out in public. If I didn’t do what they said, I would be punished. As I got older, I felt like there was more I couldn’t do than what I could – it felt like a bunch of rules and laws!

Years later, as a parent, my wife and I have established our own rules for how our kids are to behave and interact with others at home and out in the world. We don’t do this because we are heartless, authoritative dictators. We do it out of love. We establish boundaries and guides for how they should live, because frankly, we know what is best for them.

If God is our Heavenly Father, our creator, and all-knowing, how much more does He know what is best for us?

If we begin to think about the ten commandments from this perspective,
we begin to see His true heart and love for us. When we experience that    love, we no longer perform out of law, we perform out of His great love. This, my friends, changes everything.


Lead Pastor, Fellowship Monrovia